NYSDMV Provides Guidance on the New Federal CDL Test Model

Please see the message from the Bus Driver Unit (1/16/18):

Good Morning –

Based on feedback we have received from the motor carrier industry regarding the new federal CDL test model, we have learned that drivers are facing difficulties with certain sections of the test, often times resulting in failures. In an effort to address some of the common difficulties encountered during the skills test, we have attached some information that may be useful for drivers and instructors.

Attached you will find sections 11-13 of the CDL Manual which covers the skills test.  Please pay special attention to the Air Brake Check information highlighted on page 11-4.  We strongly recommend that drivers and instructors focus on the steps outlined for the air brake check, and follow the steps as written.  The full CDL Manual (CDL-10), can be found on the DMV website.

In addition, please note that the federal regulations allow the pre-trip inspection section to be randomized each time a new test is initiated for an applicant.  As a result, the pre-trip portion of the test could start at the front of the vehicle, in the middle, or if the test is for a Class A vehicle, with the trailer.  On page 11-12 of the attachment you will find the memory aid which drivers are permitted to bring to the test as long as there are no notes or marked items on the document.  Motor Vehicle License Examiners will also have a copy to provide to the applicant at the test site, if necessary.

Thank you for your continued feedback regarding the new federal test model, we appreciate all of the information our industry partners provide.  As we move forward and work together on this initiative we are confident the process will continue to improve.

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Bus Driver Unit – 6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228

Click here for the attachment: NYS CDL Manual (CDL-10) – Skills Test

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